New shed, new phone number 07444 472667 and price changes

We have finally moved up to our new shed, after 23 years operating out of the original smallholder shed which is only 11mx 6m. We have a new entrance which isjust before you come in to Boggs Holdings. If coming from the A1 on the B6363, we are just at the bend after the long straight section of road.
We also have a new office phone number which is 07444 472667.
There were some price changes for March onwards and everyone should have had the news letter. Here it is again if you missed it!

News February 2019 (Important! Please read)

• We are now able to send out News Letters by email again.
• Please use the Website to make and change orders, make holiday cancellations, update your card information, check payment history etc.
• Apologies to those of you that got some of the heritage pears that were brown inside. We only had a few boxes of those and didn’t realise the problem in time as they looked okay on the outside. Let us know if you had some of these so we can refund you. Bananas can be difficult at this time of year. If they get too cold they can go black or stop ripening altogether.
• Prices: Since starting this first generation biodynamic and organic farm in 1996 we have only had one price increase of the boxes. So the new prices will come in to effect from the 1st of March. It still works out at less than 1% increase per year and we will still be much cheaper than Supermarkets, as we have shown in loads of comparison surveys.
Standard Veg /bagless box: £12.95
Fruit & veg box: £19.45
Big family box: £25.45
Small veg box: £6.50
Small fruit box:£6.50
UK box: £12.00
Thai box: £12.00
We will continue to provide you with the best value produce and you may get increased variety and quantity in some of the boxes, especially The UK and Thai
The minimum for free delivery will be £12.00. There will be a £2.00 delivery charge for orders under £12.00
We are also abandoning the Pick Box system that we inherited from Oxenfoord Organics, as our shop basket offers much more variety and is more accurate to administer.

• Reminder:
Please leave your empty crate or cardboard box out where you want the new one left. Please leave a cover if outside. We may not be able to take back the non-folding boxes due to our little electric vans being packed full, unless your delivery is near the end of the run, when there is a bit more workable space available. We do need the folding plastic ones and the folding cardboard ECO ones to be returned. Please fold them properly and keep the cardboard ones dry, as we need to get as many uses out of them as possible. They cost us nearly £1.00 each!
Deliveries are like a milk round, so the driver may knock or ring the doorbell to let you know of the delivery, but normally has to rush back to the van to get round the whole run and avoid parking tickets!
If we fail to deliver to you on your usual day, we will aim to deliver later in the week. If we can’t get access for delivery or the delivery is not able to be accepted and it is not our fault, we reserve the right to charge a £2 non delivery fee. We may be able to take the delivery to the farmers market for collection. If that is arranged and it is not collected, it will be charged for in full. We can not ring other peoples door bells at stair doors for access unless it has been arranged with the neighbouring owner/s. The delivery time is very approximate and the drivers can’t ring customer mobiles either, regarding access, I’m afraid.
If the delivery location is not that easy to find: give us the exact location on the ‘What3words’ app. It’s free to download!

• Packaging: We have just found a supplier that is offering clear bags made from 100% post-consumer material (don’t like to call it waste). This is great news as we need to recycle as much as possible, especially plastic. The bags can then be recycled again in to other useful products. All our carrier bags and our folding crates are already 100% recycled and recyclable.

• Thank you all for supporting us over the years. ECO is entirely funded by its members and it surely has to be a really, true, social enterprise as we have received no funding since the beginning!