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East Coast Organics supply the freshest organic produce direct to your door, from our farm only 10miles from Edinburgh. We also supply other organic goodies and essentials. There are two delivery options.

BOXES: This is the most affordable way to enjoy organic produce as our various boxes offer a balanced range to suit most peoples needs. Buying an ECO BOX can work out almost half the price of the supermarkets delivered equivalent. You can also add on extras such as bread, cheese, eggs. You can have deliveries weekly, fortnightly or just as required. If there are products you don't like / need, the delivery driver can swap in something else instead. Minimum order for free delivery is £12

SHOP (baskets): Choose exactly what you want from our shop, from fresh vegetables and fruit to almost everything you may require. Minimum order for free delivery is £25

All our domestic deliveries are now done by our fleet of three stunning yellow electirc vans. Bought with the help of The Energy Saving Trust and free charging thanks to Transport Scotland. We are commited to not just growing and supplying the healthiest produce possible but also delivering it with out producing any harmful emissions. Our deliveries are incedibly efficient as we deliver loads of boxes to specific areas at a time, similar to a milk round. All our deliveries are within 30 miles of the farm, reducing our carbon footprint eaven further


We now have two farms. Our original 10 acre market garden near Pencaitland where we started some 20 years ago. Here we still grow lots of early crops, raise our seedlings, pack the produce and have our office. Our 110 acre farm near Haddington is where we do most of the growing now. We have orchards, polytunnels, hens for eggs, sheep, cows, pigs and even alpacas. We have a natural spring with a pond, a stream and newly planted woodland and hedges. Both farms are registered biodynamic as well as organic!


We have a huge Openday in September with tractor rides, tours, hot food and drink, pyo, face painting etc. You can come and visit anytime, if you let us know first though.


We are at the main Edinburgh Farmers' Market every Saturday 9am-2pm on Castle Terrace. We are also at the Haddington Food assembly every Monday, 6pm at the Mailandfield Hotel.

You can also sample our produce at: The Green Shop, Berwick. Dig In, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. New Leaf, Marchmont, Edinburgh. Pumpkin Brown, Grassmarket. Edinburgh. Lavenda, Leith Walk, Edinburgh. Organic Delicious, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh.

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           East Coast Organics, 24 Boggs Holdings, EH345BD                                  ECO Farm by Haddington, EH414PD


The team

Mike (boss), Fu, Jan (seeding), Cecile (office), Dready Dave (driving/office/farm), Lindsay (office), Pete (farm), Martin (driving/farm), Alan ( farm), Sula (farm), Dave J (driving/farm), Stefania (farm), Michelle (Farm), Fraser (driving/farm), Emily (farm), Will (driving/farm), Paul (office/driving/farm), Dave B (farm), Hannah (farm), Morton (farm), Hamish (farm), Memhet (farm).